Germanic mythology tales


I have no real wish to do tales out of Snorri’s Gylfaginning and Skáldskaparmál de Snorri, as it already often happened. I will rather try to emphasize components that have been overlooked by him. We must remember that Snorri did not ‘tell tales’ because he liked them: all these tales are here as a mere illustration of his Poetics, as exposed in the ‘third’ part of his Edda, Háttatal. Note that modern analysis claims that, in reality, the so called third part has been the first composed by Snorri.

I may not be able to properly achieve this goal, I agree. I nevertheless do believe that quixotic goals belong to a spiritual ideal.

For the time being this project cannot boast of more than three tales, though several are well advances in my workplan.


Two tales on Germanic cosmogony: Before the Gods , The Gods' high deeds and some Commentaries on my sources.

A version of The Tale of Völund. This story, the one of ‘smith Velent’, fully belongs to Germanic heathen mythology.


A tale relative to Nibelungs’ curse and the special Scandinavian spells called ‘shapings’ (sköp): “Andari, Loki and Fáfnir curse Ninbelungs’ gold.”

A tale on Sigurđr (‘Victory-Fated’) before he meets Sigrdrífa (‘Snowstorm’), “Fated Sigurd’s youth.” The knowledge relative to this tale is gathered HERE.

A tale inspired by Hrafnagalgr Óđins (Óđinn’s ravens’ galdr), translated HERE, “One day before Ragnarök.”